Skips arrive in various sizes, ranging from small baby skips to large industrial ones. The right skip for you might be somewhere in between and could be difficult to find in Croydon. Knowing exactly the skip size you require is challenging, so Danjo skips has created a Skip Size Guide for those who might be unsure. 

What are the skips measurements?

All waste removal companies will measure their skips in cubic yards and will often refer to this measurement as just ‘yards’. One cubic yard measures 3 feet high x 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep and is around the same size as a standard dishwasher or 10 kitchen bin bags. 


Here’s a table to demonstrate what size projects would be suitable for each skip: 


Skip sizeVolumeDimensions No of bin bagsWhat project? 
Mini skip 2 cubic yards4 x 3 x 3 feet20Small garden waste or small bathroom/kitchen waste
Midi skip 4 cubic yards6 x 4 x 3 feet25-35Large kitchen or large garden waste
Small builders skip 6 cubic yards 10 x 4 x 4 feet 40-55Small home projects
Large builders skip 8 cubic yards 12 x 6 x 4 feet60-75Large domestic projects
Large maxi skip12 cubic yards13 x 6 x 6 feet90-110Large commercial projects


6 Yard Skip

6 cubic yard skips are ideal for residential purposes and are most commonly used for bathroom and kitchen renovations in Croydon. Whether you’re remodelling your home in Croydon or undergoing a small DIY project, these skips will provide enough space for your waste without taking up too much room. If skips are too large to fit on private property, then a road permit will be required for use. That’s why our smallest skips are perfect for households, fitting snugly on your driveway or front lawn. 6-yard skips are the most hired skip size across the UK.


8 Yard Skip

Also referred to as a “builder’s skip”, 8-yard skips blur the lines between residential and commercial use. Holding up to 80 bin bags and 8 tons of weight, this skip is suitable for building works and large home renovations. As the second most popular skip size, you will see our 8-yard skips frequently throughout the country (and especially in Croydon!). They hold those extra bulky items that just won’t fit in a 6-yard skip, and are perfect when clearing out furniture. For domestic use, these skips also fit comfortably on private property such as driveways and front gardens. However, should you need a road permit, they are easy to acquire. 


10 Yard Skip

An upgrade from our builder’s skips, Danjo’s 10-yard skips are still suitable for residential use, albeit large domestic projects, as well as small construction works in Croydon. These skips provide you with additional room for huge clearouts and renovations, easily disposing of your waste. Attempting to take three-piece sofas to the tip can be extremely difficult if you don’t have access to the right transport. Instead, hiring a 10-yard skip and having it delivered to your driveway will solve any transport issues. Small construction sites benefit greatly from this skip size, with building waste such as concrete, bricks and metals easily fitting into our 10-yard skip. Measuring 12ft in length and 6ft in height, these skips are one of the most perfect waste removal solutions. 


12 Yard Skip

Danjo’s 12-yard skips are better suited to construction but can be useful for major domestic projects. If you need to remove bulky, heavy waste, 12-yard skips are the best choice. This skip size is most popular with commercial clients, using them to clear business waste or excess building materials. If you are hiring a skip for a large scale waste removal, we would recommend choosing our 12-yard skip. As these are not used as often for domestic projects, unlike our 8 and 6-yard skips, you may struggle to find room on your property in Croydon for a 12-yard skip. If this is the case, Danjo Skips will help by applying for any necessary permits you might need. 


14 Yard Skip

No longer commonly used for domestic projects, our 14-yard skips are ideal for waste from any building, refurbishment or demolition project in Croydon. They can hold a maximum of 145 black bin liners and up to 14 tonnes worth of waste. This skip size is suitable for bulky but light materials, and we will inform you not to completely fill these skips with heavy waste. Disposing of materials like soil and concrete are better suited to our 8-yard skips. You might also need this skip if you are disposing of vast amounts of domestic goods, such as furniture, and our other skip sizes just aren’t enough. 


16 Yard Skip

Our 16-yard skips, known as “maxi skips” are the largest waste container we provide in Croydon. They are designed for construction waste, factory waste and site clearances. They measure 13.5ft long and 6.5ft high and have tall sides to secure waste. This skip size is very popular on construction and building sites, allowing the removal of large volumes of waste at a time. Commercial clearouts often hire 16-yard skips, as they have the capacity for larger, bulkier items found on business premises in Croydon. This could include anything from desks to toilets. Despite their size, they are easy to deliver and can be dropped off at your site. 

Cutting the costs will cut the space

We’ve found time after time that our customers will hire the smallest skip size in order to save a little money. It’s completely understandable that you would want to try this, however, we find that this can often result in spending more. Buying a small skip means that you may realise you need more space, meaning you will need to spend money on an additional skip. This does not only mean you will have empty space in the second skip, it also means that you will end up spending more than if you bought a larger skip in the first place!

Think about how to fill your skip

In order to make the most out of your skip, you must fill your skip in the right way- believe it or not, there’s an art to it! Start off by first lying flat objects on the bottom of the skip like doors. After that, rest any glass that needs tipping on the side of the skip, so that when you throw other items in, it doesn’t break into shards. Make sure that flat pack furniture is broken down into pieces to ensure there are no empty gaps and layer the items on top and next to each other in an orderly fashion. If you notice any gaps, this is the perfect time to fill them with any rubble that has accumulated or garden waste! 

Are you looking for skip hire? 

Each of our skips are available for same-day delivery at an affordable price in Croydon. If you are looking for a high-quality skip hire service, with information to share on skip sizes, book your domestic or commercial skip hire today. Or get in touch with Danjo Skips if you have any questions.