One Day Skip Hire

If you are looking for one day skip hire, Danjo Skips are the perfect choice for you. With over 20 years of experience within the waste disposal industry, our one-day skip hire is a service backed by extensive knowledge. As local specialists in providing one-day skip hire, our pricing is extremely competitive without sacrificing on outstanding customer experience.

One Day Skip Hire – Danjo’s Promise

Over the years, Danjo Skips have built a prestigious reputation in providing one day skip hire. We pride ourselves of a professional, yet honest approach for each of our customers. Hiring our one day skip hire services, we ensure to uphold our reputation and meet the standard you expect from one of the UK’s leading waste management specialists. Contact us today for one day skip hire on 0203 105 6168.

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Domestic One Day Skip Hire

For those carrying out projects at home, from garden overhauls to spring cleaning, our one day skip hire services are a great option. Due to the nature of carrying out your own DIY projects at home, the waste will soon mount, taking up space and create a messy aesthetic. Using our one day skip hire, you will be able to fill your hired skip with a range of waste produced by a project. After the skip has been delivered, ready to use for the day, our drivers will then collect the skip and the waste, taking complete care of the process.

Our one day skip hire can be provided for not only a range of projects but also a range of locations. Domestic projects and work generally produce less waste than a construction site, for example, therefore a smaller skip size will be supplied at a cheaper price. Smaller skip use as part of our one day skip hire is also a huge benefit in terms of placement, taking up less space in whichever area you’d prefer to have it delivered.

For one day skip hire, or for further information, contact our specialists on 0203 105 6168.

Commercial One Day Skip Hire

Our services also cover commercial use of one day skip hire. From small to large organisations, our one day skip hire can be used for construction waste and materials, as well as standard waste.

We understand that commercial waste can come in a variety of forms, along with different masses. For precise one day skip hire, be sure to contact our specialists and enquire about what type of waste will most likely be deposited. Through our initial conversation, we will be able to distinguish the size of skip needed.

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Why Choose Danjo Skips?

We take great pride in being a responsible waste management company and as such you can rely on us for an eco-friendly service. We ensure at least 90% of the waste we collect through one day skip hire is recycled or prepared for reuse in other ways.

Danjo’s one day skip hire have been supplying skips to commercial and domestic customers throughout the last 20 years. During that time we have expanded our service to ensure we can offer a completely comprehensive and convenient service to all our clients.

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      When it comes to hiring a skip it’s a simple solution to all your clearance needs. Whether you’re looking to declutter your home, get rid of garden waste or carry out a DIY project, a one day skip hire could be right for you. Before you hire a skip, be sure to work out just how much waste you’ll be getting rid of so you can choose the right size one day skip hire for your needs.

      If your one day skip hire is placed on a public road, pavement or verge, then you will need to obtain a skip hire permit from your local authority to cover the entirety of the period that your skip is there.

      When it comes to the waste disposal rules and legislation, items that are considered to be harmful or hazardous cannot be put into a skip. If an item deemed harmful or hazardous is found within the skip then the skip hire company may refuse to remove the skip off your property or will ask you to pay extra for the correct disposal. Some examples of items not allowed in a skip are as follows:

      • Electrical equipment and appliances – this includes computers, televisions, dishwashers, electric cookers, microwaves, etc.
      • Large batters – such as those from a car. This is due to the harmful chemicals they may contain such as lead
      • Fluorescent bulbs – This is due to these types of bulbs containing chemicals such as mercury
      • Asbestos – This is a highly hazardous material that can cause diseases such as cancer. There are many rules and regulations imposed by the government in regards to its correct disposal
      • Plasterboard – This is due to environmental agency research into plasterboard and its relationship with sulphate-based waste materials and the gases that are given off
      • Medical waste – This could be anything from surgical needles to biological waste
      • Fuels, Solvents and paints
      • Gas cylinders
      • Tyres

      So when you choose our one day skip hire service, be sure to leave out the above!

      When it comes to our one day skip hire, we offer the following skip sizes for domestic use:

      • 6 cubic yard – perfect for a small garden, small DIY job or those with limited space
      • 8 cubic yard – Ideal rubbish skip for smaller refurb tasks or larger DIY jobs such as a kitchen refit
      • 10-16 cubic yard – Perfect for major garden or home renovations and bulky, heavy waste

      We take great pride in being a responsible waste management company and as such you can rely on us for an eco-friendly service. We ensure at least 90% of the waste we collect is recycled or prepared for reuse in other ways. So if you take advantage of our one day skip hire, you can rest assured that your waste will be management appropriately.