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Danjo’s Skip Hire have been supplying skips to commercial and domestic customers throughout South East London, Surrey and Kent for more than 10 years. During that time we have expanded our service to ensure we can offer a completely comprehensive and convenient service to all our clients.

We provide outstanding customer service to all customers!


Here at Danjo’s Skip Hire we supply an extensive range of skip sizes to cater to the individual requirements of all our customers around Croydon and Sutton. From mini skips, to our larger midi skips, we have the right size waste disposal containers to accommodate the rubbish from any project & provide domestic skips, commercial skips & tested skips. We even have a range of maxi skips to ensure a solution for everyone.

6 Yard Skip

Just the right size if you are clearing out the house or undertaking a smaller DIY job.

8 Yard Skip

An 8 yard skips is the most common you will see on domestic building projects, perfect for larger house clearouts as well.

10 Yard Skip

Ideal for smaller building sites or larger domestic jobs such as a kitchen refit.

12 Yard Skip

Perfect for major garden or house renovations and bulky, heavy waste.

14 Yard Skip

Ideal for the waste from any building, refurb or demolition project.

16 Yard Skip

Our largest waste container, ideal for construction waste, factory waste and site clearances.

Skip Hire in Croydon, Sutton and South London

For all skip hire needs, from 6 yard domestic skips, to 16 yard commercial skips, we can arrange same day and next day delivery, so that your project continues to run smoothly.

Danjo's Skip Hire Ltd
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D Rogers
D Rogers
07:44 09 Apr 21
Very disappointing experience overall. Comparable price with other skip companies. However, when booked in advance the... skip did not arrive on the day. When prompted guarantees were given to arrive first thing the following morning. Again this did not happen. Would not recommend to others.Update:Responding to owners update. Booked for Thursday (not Wednesday as stated below). Was never told availability was only for Friday. No updates offered prior to phoning and 3rd time slot missed by an hour. To be fair to the driver, he was efficient, just seems like admin side needs work.read more
Jo Smith
Jo Smith
10:06 02 Dec 20
As a business working in and around London, we need efficient and reliable companies to work with, which is hard to... find. I can honestly recommend Danjo’s Skip Hire. Very competitive prices and great service from them. Keep it up guys and many thanks.From Crosse Limitedread more
David McDonagh
David McDonagh
09:27 26 Aug 20
Have worked with this company for a couple of years now and defiantly always reliable and hard working.Honestly... couldn't say enough good things about them.read more
Shield Secure
Shield Secure
22:14 22 Jun 20
Quick & efficient. It was very easy to book in a skip and their website looked amazing compared to others
Imran Sal
Imran Sal
22:13 22 Jun 20
Amazing customer service and professional
Julia Linger
Julia Linger
09:36 18 Apr 20
Excellent service, able to change skip size the day before it was due with no problem. Skip arrived in the time slot... given and operator was very politeWould recommendread more
imfan khan
imfan khan
06:07 14 May 18
stay away from these . we ordered 8 yard skip but the delivered 6 yard so we rang the company immediately they said it... was a mistake and they will refund us balance .so we agreed to keep the skip and took the picture of dimensions and once they came for pick ,driver also confirmed it was 6yard skip and he will notify the management. but ,after this they just simply refused to refund , claiming it was 8 yard skip .the owner himself is a bully , so please do not waste your money and time to lease with these horribles . in my experience , ABLE SKIP on imperial way croydon is far more better and cheaper .read more
Thomas Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan
10:17 03 May 18
I had a contractors building an extension whom used this company, when they collected the skip the operator was... inexperienced and couldn't separate the full one from the empty one. Whilst trying to separate them he dragged the skip across my brick drive way damaging bricks and making a 2meter scratch right across them. He also extended the feet/supports on a square of tarmac on the public road and due to the weight, lifted the square of tarmac up my 2inches. I spoke to the office and they just washed there hands with it and didn't want to know, very unhelpful.They read the script of "were not responsible" and now i have a drive way and pavement to fix, this will now have to be reported to the council due to a health and safety risk to the public, this company has zero customer service and don't take any responsibility for there damage. I wonder if they will take responsibility if someone trips on the pavement and sues them??? Due to house renovations i have used multiple skips myself from other more professional companies and i have never had any damage to my property, i would not use this company if it was free.read more
Joseph Cummings
Joseph Cummings
08:27 27 Oct 17
Excellent communication and really accommodating. They made the whole process really smooth and were genuinely helpful... the entire time.read more
David Featherstone
David Featherstone
08:54 10 Jun 16
Unreliable and rude on the telephone. Delivery agreed for Wednesday afternoon and paid for upfront but did not arrive... until late Thursday morning and only then after several phone calls. Half a morning's work wasted. No apology or explanation given, attitude of man on the phone was dismissive and argumentative. I am glad if others have had better experience but this was ours.read more
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Do you need help skip sizes or one day skip hire cost? Fill out this form to get in touch.





      7:00am – 7:00pm





      7:00am – 7:00pm

      What information do I need to provide for the delivery?2021-09-21T08:29:07+00:00

      As a minimum, it is required that you tell us where the skip should be placed, what access there is and who should be contacted if we come across any problems. 

      Is there a risk of damage when the skip gets placed?2021-09-21T08:28:37+00:00

      There is a small risk involved when we place the skip down. You are responsible for letting us know a suitable location for the skip hire Croydon. We recommend that you leave a 9-foot distance on the entranceway to allow delivery lorries to safely get through. We recommend deciding to place the skip hire Croydon away from a tarmac driveway as the weight of the skip could damage the tarmac.

      What size skips are there?2021-09-21T08:28:09+00:00

      6-yard skip– Perfect for small house and garden DIY. 


      8-yard skip– Great for larger house and garden DIY 


      10-yard skip– Ideal for smaller construction projects or larger domestic jobs.


      12-yard skip– Perfect for major garden or home projects.


      14-yard skip– Ideal for waste from construction projects

      16-yard skip– This is the largest container, ideal for construction and factory waste.

      Can you put clothes in a skip hire Croydon?2021-09-21T08:27:39+00:00

      Yes, you can put old clothes in a skip.

      How long can I keep my skip hire Croydon for?2021-09-21T08:27:14+00:00

      Up to 14 days.

      How wide does the entranceway need to be?2021-09-21T08:26:49+00:00

      We recommend leaving a 9-foot distance on the entranceway to allow our delivery lorries to be able to drive through safely.

      How full can I fill the skip hire Croydon?2021-09-21T08:26:26+00:00

      To ensure safe transportation, the skip hire Croydon cannot be filled any higher than the fill line.

      Will you recycle the entire contents of the skip hire Croydon?2021-09-21T08:25:52+00:00

      We will recycle as much as possible.

      Does Danjo skip hire Croydon have all of the right licenses and permits?2021-09-21T08:24:59+00:00

      Yes, all of our recycling and waste removal services are fully licensed.

      Can I hire a skip for construction in Croydon?2021-08-16T11:17:26+00:00

      Yes! Our skips are ideal for construction sites in Croydon. With sizes ranging from 6 yards to 16 yards, we supply skips to building projects big and small. Our skips are suitable for heavy materials such as brick and concrete, and can hold up to 170 black bin bags of waste. Most building materials are allowed in skips, but always contact your skip hire company in Croydon if you are unsure. Multiple skips can be hired at once should you need them, with Danjo Skips offering same-day delivery and collection from the site after use.

      How long can I hire a skip for?2021-08-16T11:17:02+00:00

      Danjo Skips offers a flexible hire period for skip hire services in Croydon, and our standard skip hire period is 21 days. Customers can hire their skip for however long they choose, with extensions available after hire. If you are looking for short-term or long-term skip hire, Danjo Skips is the right choice. Once your hire period is up, we will collect your skip and return it to our site ready for recycling.

      What are you allowed to put in your skip hire Croydon?2021-09-21T08:30:39+00:00

      You can put anything in a skip that isn’t hazardous or toxic material. 

      You can’t put asbestos, batteries, clinical or medical waste, electrical appliances and equipment, fluorescent tubes, fridges, freezers and air conditioners, gas canisters and gas bottles, liquids, oil, petrol, diesel, paint and cans of paint, plasterboard, tyres, TV’s and computer screens. 

      Items that can be put in your skip hire Croydon include, but aren’t limited to:

      • Stone
      • Concrete
      • Wood
      • Paper & Cardboard
      • Clothes
      • Garden Waste
      • Bricks
      • Pottery & Clay

      If you are unsure whether your waste is allowed in your skip hire Croydon, contact Danjo skips for more information and advice.

      Where will the skip hire croydon waste go?2021-08-16T11:16:09+00:00

      90% of the waste collected by Danjo Skips will be recycled and reused. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and are constantly looking for ways to achieve this. We are fully licensed to transfer waste and our processing centre will deal with all your construction, commercial and residential waste. From there, materials will be sorted into categories and recycled in the appropriate manner. Anything from mattresses to concrete can be recycled and we aim to reduce the levels of waste in UK landfills.

      Do I need a permit for skip hire Croydon?2021-08-16T11:15:37+00:00

      If you are planning to hire a skip in Croydon, a permit will be needed if the skip is being placed on public land. This could include a road, a public footpath, or anywhere else owned by the local council. Road permits are easily available for skip hire and Danjo Skips will sort this out for you. We will inform you should you need a permit, and get hold of all necessary documents. The average cost for a skip hire permit in Croydon is around £68.

      Why should I hire a skip in croydon?2021-08-16T11:15:06+00:00

      Hiring a skip in Croydon is an easy way of getting rid of your waste. It is an economical and environmentally friendly choice, preventing the chances of fly-tipping and overflowing landfills. At least 90% of the waste Danjo skips collects is recycled with our recycling service, giving new life to commercial and residential waste. 

      Skip hire Croydon can reduce the stress of construction works and house renovations, clearing away excess materials. We aim to make these processes much easier for clients, all you need to do is hire a skip with Danjo skips.

      How much does skip hire Croydon cost?2021-08-16T11:14:26+00:00

      The price of skip hire Croydon depends on a few factors:

      1. Skip size
      2. Hire period 
      3. Permits 

      If you require a permit for your skip, road permits cost an average of £68, depending on location. The bigger the skip you’d like to hire, the more expensive it will be. Danjo skips offers an affordable yet high-quality skip hire service for clients in Croydon. Contact us for your free quote and receive a competitive price for your skip hire needs.

      How do I hire a skip in Croydon?2021-08-16T11:13:48+00:00

      Hiring a skip with Danjo Skips has never been easier! Contact us for your free quote and book your skip hire there and then. We will help obtain permits should you require one, and deliver the skip straight to your location in Croydon. We even offer a wait and load service for those unable to find space on the roadside. Tell us what size skip you need, how long for, and where you need it. 

      Your skip hire period can be extended for a small fee, once you’ve received your skip. When you no longer need your skip, give us a call and we will collect it hassle-free.

      What Can’t I Put Into A Skip?2021-07-22T22:51:24+00:00

      The European Waste Catalogue lists approximately 650 different waste types. Those that are suffixed with an asterisk are considered hazardous.  In some instances, there are hazardous and non-hazardous entries for a specific type of waste. This occurs where the waste contains a dangerous substance at or above certain levels. Our skip hire Croydon team can provide further information.

      In these cases, the composition of the waste must be assessed to determine whether it should be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous waste. Often the manufacturer’s product information or safety data sheets will provide guidance. It is important to note that it’s illegal to mix hazardous waste with either non-hazardous waste or other hazardous waste.

      Does A Hired Skip Get Collected?2021-07-22T22:52:01+00:00

      If you didn’t specify a collection date when you ordered your skip, arranging collection when your project is complete is simply a case of calling your skip hire company and letting them know that the skip is ready to be picked up. As with delivery, most skip hiring companies will aim to collect your skip at the earliest opportunity, generally the day following your request.

      Skip hire Croydon is a fairly simple process, all in all. Through communication with your waste removal service, hiring a skip can be made even easier. Specifying your requirements, time brackets and the type of waste will be key to a successful pickup.

      How Soon Can I Hire A Skip?2021-07-22T22:48:16+00:00

      Once you’ve identified an approved and licenced skip hire company, like Danjo Skips, hiring a skip is simply a case of giving them a call and providing the details of your requirements and delivery address. In some cases, it will be possible to deliver your skip on the same day that it’s ordered, but usually, it will be delivered the following day.

      Since most reputable skip hire firms can take credit card details when you order, you may not even have to be at the premises when your skip is delivered. Bear in mind, though, that skip delivery lorries are large vehicles, so it will be necessary to ensure that appropriate access is available to the delivery driver.